Good day, today’s tutorial is based on how to create a website via html.

you may choose to watch the above  video if you think the post is not detailed enough.

Things you need:

  1. Editor-Notepad or notepad++ (I recommend you to use notepad++ because it is well detailed and contains lots of useful and important features.
  2. Browser (chrome, Firefox, safari or internet explorer)

If you have the things listed above then you are good to go. Here, I just want to show you how to write hello world! Coding with html

Open your notepad or notepad++, after opening your code editor i.e. notepad type in the following code listed below:

<title> I LOVE CODING </title>
<p> hello world </p>

Here is how it going to like on your notepad++



I am done, it is now time to run/test the code

  • How to save via the notepad++ language session

To test your work, you have to first save it with html, or go to the language session on your editor to change the language from text to html by clicking letter h, there you would see html click on html and save your file.

  • How to save with html

Click on file after you had finished coding (typing the code), you will see save as click on it, save it with any letter and add .htm or .html to the letter(s) and click save.

After saving, click on run and launch with any of the browser to test the code. If you choose to launch with chrome here is what you are going have.


“Xampp” appears in the search box because I installed it on my PC and I also save the code in the htdocs folder in xampp’s file, yours could appear as the administrator’s name or owner’s or name of the user.

<h1> what you have learned in this session </h1>

  1. How to create a site
  2. How to save in notepad++
  3. How to save with html

I hope you find this distinct and useful.

Watch out for the next lesson; how to style or design your website.

If you are having issues with the code or you want to make suggestions feel free to comment below.

I do love comments, your opinion is important to me and your suggestions are very much welcomed.



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