Reasons For Aluta!!!(struggle)/protesting at OAU



OAU students are protesting because of:

  1.  Lack of light in all hostels which have been provided for on Friday’s night
  2. Limited access to water. OAU students have limited access to water since last week Tuesday but water was supplied on Saturday morning

The major reason which enraged OAU students ( particularly SUG) is the students welfare, which nothing has been done on it for the past years and the Student Union Government(SUG) give the management (school) 48hours ultimatum in a congress held on friday which took place at 4:00pm to renovate school hostel , supply water and electricity and on that Friday night they brought the light and water was supplied on saturday morning but the welfare condition is weak which nothing has been done but hoping for changes which cause the obnoxious act of the students and this morning the annoyed students lock the school gate which did not allow Town and Gate-Bus to enter the school compound and those students staying outside campus had to treck to their different classes  which is about 2kms journey from school gate to their respective class but unfortunately, class that was supposed to hold today was boycotted by the angry-wad of students and majority of the students were dissapointed by the boycotted class. This union did not stop in boycotting classes they went ahead in causing minute hold-up around bus-stop area.